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  • The pallet 'carriage' is designed to straighten each pallet that is loaded and tilts backwards for easy loading. The device is also designed to handle wood and plastic pallets simultaneously.
  • The PRD incorporates a shock absorbing device that allows the carriage to be safely tilted forward when ready to be unloaded.
  • Easy to operate hand and foot releases.
  • A raised receiving end that lifts the pallets off the carriage so that the carriage can be removed easily and reset.
  • End stops that keep the pallets in line and visible for the forklift drivers.
  • A set of springs that assists the operator by pulling the loaded device over the center of mass when the stack of pallets is ready to be unloaded. There is also a safety cord that prevents the spring from projecting in the rare event of a failure.
  • UHMW wear pads are used to prevent metal on metal contact of moving parts.
  • A recessed, bilingual safety label is easily viewed that explains the proper method to lift an empty pallet into the carriage.
  • There are no other manual pallet stackers like this on the market. This device is truly one of a kind.

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