How It Works

The Pallet Return Device (PRD) works to increase the safety of your area by reducing the risk of falling pallets, thus reducing the risk of injury.

It also saves time as workers no longer have to struggle to make a perfect stack, and forklift drivers now avoid reshaping pallet stacks.

The PRD system requires no outside source of energy (an optional Pallet Stack Present Flashing Strobe is available) and requires little continual maintenance. It has the ability to be retrofitted into nearly any current or future set-up.

The PRD system can be used with both wooden and plastic pallets at the same time.


Features of the Pallet Return Device

There are no other manual pallet stackers like this on the market... This device is truly one of a kind!

Proper Way to Load Pallets

Please watch the video below demonstrating the proper way to load pallets into the PRD


Case Studies

A customer of Automation Plus, a Division of CSF Incorporated in Stoughton, WI came to them with a problem. They needed a solution for stacking empty pallets in their full case picking modules that was both ergonomic for the picker and more efficient for the fork truck driver.
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Pallet Return Device Literature

Printable literature about the Pallet Return Device. Click Here to Download
White Paper on the Pallet Return Device. Hi-Res Word Document or PDF
PRD Business Case Calculator. Click Here to Download


US 9,120,630, US 10,995,695, Canada 2,889,460


Two Configurations Available

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