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About the Pallet Return Device

The Pallet Return Device (PRD) is a pallet handling solution or pallet return solution that many operations can benefit from, specifically distribution centers, general warehousing facilities, manufacturing facilities, food and beverage plants, and retail stores. This manual pallet stacking system works to increase the safety of your facility by reducing the risks of handling pallets with a lifting method that reduces musculoskeletal disorders. The unit also reduces the risks of falling pallets because a 'perfect' stack is less prone to tipping over and causing a potentially serious injury. A neat stack also reduces labor costs as laborers no longer have to struggle to make an acceptable stack and fork truck drivers avoid reshaping a stack of pallets when ready to be handled again.

The Pallet Return Device is a product of Automation Plus, a Division of CSF Inc. 

Pallet Return Device is Available in Two Configurations

What People Are Saying About the PRD System

"There is an ergonomic impact to the picker, reduced time for them to build the perfect stack and reduced time for the forklift operator to pull the stack down. No one will have to worry about twisted or bad stacks getting hung up on the rack frames, eliminating a possible risk or tie off requirement. There is an added safety factor to all those below because the movement of the stack out to the edge is controlled as opposed to being gravity (or pushed) and coming to an abrupt stop. We included it as a must have for constructing these new mods so there wasn't a hard measurement for the savings, it will just be part of the overall benefit."

- Industrial engineer with a major retailer's distribution center

Pallet Return Device In The News

Winner of Material Handling Product News Readers' Choice award for Automated Storage in 2021: Click Here to Read

Winner of Material Handling Product News Readers' Choice award for Ergonomics and Safety in 2019: Click Here to Read

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Pallet Return Device Literature

Printable literature about the Pallet Return Device. Click Here to Download
White Paper on the Pallet Return Device. Hi-Res Word Document or PDF
PRD Business Case Calculator. Click Here to Download


US 9,120,630, US 10,995,695, Canada 2,889,460


Watch the PRD in Action

Click Here to learn more about the Pallet Return Device and how it works

Benefits of PRD System


Ergonomic Advantage

Easier Way to Handle Pallets
Reduces the risks of stacking pallets

Save Time

Efficiency Advantage

Saves time when handling pallets
Reworking pallet stacks no longer required



Designed to Fit Your Needs
Customizable to fit current or future work center

No Energy Required

No Energy Required

Energy Cost Effective
No outside source of energy required

No Energy Required

Pays for Itself

Saves Labor Costs
Cuts time of stacking and reshaping
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2021 MHI Product of the Year

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